Thursday, 1 October 2020

“ Many dashed hope, but we still tread the path, many great betrayals, but we still savor” - FFK celebrate Nigeria @ 60

Former Aviation Minister , Femi Fani-Kayode, took to social media to celebrate Nigeria’s 60th birthday with some meaningful  encouraging words.

Happy 60th birthday Nigeria. Many ups and downs but but it we are still together. Many shattered dreams but we are still one. Many broke. Hearts but we are still standing. Many wounded souls but our heart is still beating. Many blighted spirits but our resolve remains strong, many broken limbs, but body remains intact. Many dashed hopes but we still tread the path. Many great betrayals but we still savor the vison.

May God direct and chart our course, may he heal our land , may He soothe our pain and may He take away the hurt of our people, may He make our nation what he wants her to be and may He give us leaders that will take us to the promise land. May He cause our light to shine brightly and may He cause our joy to be full. May He exalt our Horn, enlarge our coast and defend our boarders, May He grant  is faith, strength and courage and may He bring us to an expected

Happy birthday Nigeria!

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