Sunday, 4 October 2020

If Buhari #EndSARS, he should send the current SARS harassing Nigerians to Borno to harass Boko Haram- Reno Omokri

You don’t reform evil, you defeat it, SARS should not be reformed, it should be deformed totally 

Renowned writer / President Buhari greatest tormentor, Reno Omokri, has joined others to react bitterly to the unpleasant ways the Special Anti Robbery Squad,SARS, are treating young Nigerians . He advised the president not to reform SARS, but to completely end SARS, he also lectured Buhari on what to do with the current SARS after deforming them:

I condemn the brutality of my people , by the Special Anti Robbery Squad of the Nigeria Police. We must not wait until the kids if the rich and powerful are killed. Going forward, irrespective of what any government linked handle tweets, until they resolve this? Respond only with #EndSARS

If some men of SARS want to continue extorting , killing and maiming innocent Nigerians, then they resign and face their natural calling of armed robbery. But if they want to remain in the Nigeria Police, then we must end SARS now and forever! Nigerians should not live in fear

Since General Buhari likes to compare Nigeria to Saudi Arabia, can someone tell him that there is no SARS killing , maiming and extorting innocent Saudis. Since it is his ambition to transform Nigeria to Saudi, let him start by abolishing (not reforming) SARS forever #EndSARS

If General Buhari #EndSARS, he can send the current SARS harassing Nigerians to Borno to harass Boko Haram

I disagree with those saying General Buhari should reform SARS. You don’t reform evil. You defeat it. Asking that SARS be reform is like asking for Boko Haram to be reformed. No wonder Buhari rehabilitates Boko Haram. #EndSARS . Don’t reform sars. Deform sars. Deform it forever.

SARS Should not be reformed. It should be deformed forever!
Don’t ;
Reconstruct, or
Just end sars . End sars now. End it PERMANENTLY. End if FINALLY . End it TOTALLY. End SARS FOREVER

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