Saturday, 10 October 2020

All right thinking members of PDP will join Oyo state govt in executing its duties- Makinde replies Fayose over murder allegations

Oyo state Governor, Seyi Makinde, has warmed former Ekiti state Governor, Peter Ayodele Fayose over mused allegations. 

Fayose cried out some days ago, calling that his attack at the Ondo PDP rally, whereby his cap was removed by thugs, is not an accident , calling that it was a murder plot against him by some individuals, he also made references to how Bola Ige’s cap was removed and then “we all k ow what happens after that”. 

But however, in a statement released by Makinde’s media aide, Taiwo Adisa, said that Favour was only trying to distract Makinde. 

“I believe that ex-Governor Fayose and his handlers need to look far away from Oyo state in search of their enemies . Governor Makinde has no link whatsoever with the incident Fayose’s aide was talking about. 

“We expect all right-thinking members of the PDP to join the Governor of Oyo state in the prosecution of the noble and Democratic assignment he is executing on behalf of the PDP in Ondo state at this time , instead of seeking to distract him one way or the other. He said 

“The Governor will, however, not be distracted either on the task at hand or on the well-intentioned desire to join other leaders to rebuild the PDP in the South-West geographical zone.”

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