Thursday, 3 September 2020

Jonathan did not lose in 2015, Nigeria lost him, now Nigeria badly needs a new occupant in Aso Rock- Reno Omokri

If Buhari wants money, he should sell 9 from his 10 presidential jets, than increasing fuel money

Buhari nephew who used to sell recharge card in duara is now a trillionaire

Former spokesperson to Goodluck Jonathan/ President Buhari undisputed tormentor, Reno Omokri, has taken it upon himself to totally disagree with the new fuel price. According to him, Nigeria is collapsing economically and there a Great Recession, still President Buhari increased electric and fuel prices same day.

In series of tweets, he wrote;
America land a new $2 trillion stimulus for citizens in wake of Covid19. Ghana’s has been paying utility bills for citizens for months. And Nigeria’s answer to Covid19 is increasing electric and fuel prices? Nigeria badly needs a new occupant in Aso Rock!

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Jonathan raised minimum wage, then reserved his salary before increasing fuel price, yet the All Progressive Congress shut down Nigeria with #OcupyNigeria. Buhari has not raised minimum wage, or reduced his salary, yet he increased fuel and electric in one day, Will you accept ?

Buhari’s wife flew to Dubai during lockdown with Presidential jet, Buhari’s daughter flew a private Durbar in our presidential jet. Buhari has 10 presidential jets, with large crew. If he wants money, let him sell 9of them, instead of increasing fuel price!

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Under Goodluck Ebele Jonathan, fuel was N87, 50kg bag of rice was N8000, $1 was N199, bottle of coke was N60, peak milk was N80, yet APC let Nigerians into streets for #OccupyNaija. Will you allow Buhari get away with N162 per litre for fuel?

In 2015, Bola Tinubu said ‘even if Buhari has NEPA certificate, we will still vote for him’, Now, Nigerians are seeing the effect. Buhari budgeted $500 million to digital use NTA. Now he has increased fuel to N162. He does not know got to manage money!

According to former Buhari insider, Farooq kperogi, Buhari’s nephew, Sabiu, who used to sell recharge card in Duara, is now a Trillionaire ( not billionaire, trillionaire). Buhari should save money by fighting corruption in his house, not by increasing fuel price.

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General Buhari used activist and musicians to lie against them President Goodluck Jonathan. Today, he has harassed the same activist and musicians he used to lie against Jonathan m. So, we must stand up for ourselves. Will you keep quiet as they increase fuel to N162?
See what APC did to then President Goodluck Jonathan when he increased fuel price, yet, they have done worse. They increased out foreign debt from $9 billion to $30 billion. Increased fuel from N87 to N162. Nigeria is now NYSC- Now your suffering continues!

Ex president Goodluck Jonathan did not lose on 2015, Nigeria lost him. The man is enjoying his life. Even General Buhari now knows that Jonathan is more effective than him. When there was a coup in Mali, it was Jonathan he begged to go there to do what he could NOT do!

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