Monday, 17 August 2020

VIDEO: I will not tolerate people, my style is to arrest & prosecute them - El-Rufai reacts to Southern Kaduna genocide

A governor like me does not appease those condemning Southern Kaduna genocide

In an exclusive interview with Channels tv, yesterday , August 16th, Kaduna state Governor, Nasir El-Rufai, revealed that the perpetrators of the genocide in Southern Kaduna , are actually his haters. He made reference about centrism individuals collecting money from social media, and in our observation, former spokesperson to Goodluck Jonathan, Reno Omokri, recently collected funds from his social media followers to help stop the killings in Southern Kaduna. And we also know very well that Reno Omokri is the main person advocating about the genocide going on in Southern Kaduna and also calling for international help.

Anyone that is promoting peaceful coexistence between various ethnic groups is considered a sellout, and a governor like me who does not appease them, because they are use to bring appeased, they cause trouble, they organize these killings, and their leaders are invited by the governor, they wine and dine, they are given brown envelopes, that’s what they have been doing for twenty (20) years, and we came and say, “no more”.

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Nobody that does not encourage peaceful coexistence will have access to the governor or the government house, I have no time for them, I am using the security agencies to carefully map them, and when we accumulate enough evidence, we will get them, we will put them before a charge.

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I have no time for nonsense, I will not appease criminals, I will not appease idol people who have nothing to do, but want to get donations and money into their bank accounts from abroad, instead of standing up and having a profession and a business and a living.

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Most of the people saying that have no means of livelihood, they were living off government, if government before us were giving them money every month, as peace money, but we stopped it, they is why they say am taking sides, what ever they say, I take it, am they governor of the state, if am not abused, who will they abuse? But let the facts speak for themselves, let them bring out their facts, let them contradict  any facts that we say, we have the facts, we have the security agencies, we have more information than any of them, we know what we are doing, we know what we are spending to try to keep Southern Kaduna safe.

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For years, every commission recommended that there should be permanent military base in Southern Kaduna, we established it, there have been service chiefs from Southern Kaduna. President Buhari and General Burutai established a base, we bought an estate, handed them N50 million, and have to Nigeria police do that they will have a permanent police mobile force.

Now they are coming up with other things because the money they got during election is exhausted, and they have to cause trouble, they can say what ever they want about me, but I want everyone to know this and very very clear, I will not appease trouble makers , I will not tolerate people, I will arrest and prosecute them, that’s my style, rule of law, I will the law, I do what the law says and that’s it.

Unfortunately, all the people that we have arrested and are being prosecuted since 2016, 2017, are yet to go to prison, this is part of the reason why this circle keep recycling.

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