Sunday, 2 August 2020

El-Rufai is in bed with herdsmen, who will save Southern Kaduna - Reno Omokri

This imp of a man, El-Rufai, went on TV to boast that he paid herdsmen - Reno Omokri

Former Spokesperson to Goodluck Jonathan/ President I disputed tormentor , Reno Omokri, has again reacted to the ongoing killings in Southern Kaduna. While sharing an old tweet of governor El-Rufai, in which he promised to avenge the killings of the herdsmen, and governor El-Rufai shared this tweet in 2012.

He said;
Why are Christians being killed in S Kaduna? Because nations become unstable when equals are treated unequally. Under General Muhammadu Buhari, the heads of Army, Airforce, Police, NSA, DMI, EFCC, DSS, DIA, NPS, NCS, NIS, NIA, are Northern Muslims. Where is the balance?

Take a minute away from #BBNaija to ponder on the fact that S Kaduna people are being ethnically cleansed under the guidance of a Governor who promised to avenge the killing of herdsmen by the army. Tomorrow, you and your family may be their next target!

When one Black man dies at the hand of a White cop in America, we act woke in Nigeria. Yet, DAILY, Black herdsmen are killing Black Christians in Kaduna. When will we be woke! El-Rufai their Governor, is in bed with the herdsmen. Who will save S Kaduna?

The sad thing is that this imp of a man, El-Rufai, went on TV to boast that he paid herdsmen. Where on Earth does government pay people established to be murderers, and expect them to stop killing. If El-Rufai does not go, Kaduna’s insecurity will not go!

I see people asking ElRufai to stop S Kaduna killings. The Elrufai who admitted to giving herdsmen money after they killed? The Elrufai that insulted Jesus? The Elrufai whose son called the killing of Southerners “sweet”? Like asking satan to stop demons!

As well protected and respected as foreign election observers are, El-Rufai publicly threatened them with death! Imagine what such a horrendous character is capable of doing to the defenceless Christians of S Kaduna! And he is scheming to be President!

Only in Nigeria can a monster, like El-Rufai, rise to be Governor. People under your care are being slaughtered. You offer little assistance or protection, rather, you accuse the victims of being the aggressors. What did Nigeria do to deserve such leaders?

Which foreign investor will read of what is happening in S Kaduna and want to invest in Nigeria, when peaceful Ghana is there? As long as we have Vagabonds in Power, like El-Rufai our nation will be poor, because money only goes to where there is peace!

To anybody who has that ambition, let me assure you that you can NEVER wipe away Christianity from Northern Nigeria. It will NEVER happen. Christians must not dominate Muslims and Muslims must not dominate Christians. There is NO COMPULSION in religion!

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