Wednesday, 5 August 2020

Don't drag Jonathan into Buhari's Confusion, GEJ admin took loans from China, but didn't sign off Nigeria’s sovereignty to China - Reno Omokri replies Amaechi

GEJ admin took loans from China, but did not sign off Nigeria’s sovereignty to China

The loans suspected to have surrendered Nigeria’s sovereignty away were taken By the Buhari administration

Former spokesperson to Goodluck Ebele Jonathan/ President Buhari’s undisputed tormentor, Reno Omokri, has reacted to Rotimi Ameachi’s interview on Channelstv. According to Reno, the debt by the Goodluck Jonathan’s administration didn’t sign away Nigeria’s sovereignty, but instead, it’s the other way round. And he also asked Amaechi not to drag the good name of Goodluck Jonathan’s administration into the confusion of the Buhari’s administration.

 According to him;

Chibuike Rotimi Amarchi in an interview on Channelstv today said the loans surrendering Nigeria’s sovereignty to China were signed by the Goodluck Jonathan admin. This is a lie. Anarchy is, as usual being deceptive. It is his stock in trade.

The Goodluck Jonathan administration did take loans from China. However, that government did NOT sign away Nigeria’s sovereignty to China. The loans suspected to have surrendered Nigeria’s sovereignty away were taken  By the Buhari administration.

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The specific loan in question, which is suspected of signing away Nigeria’s sovereignty to china, was signed by the Muhammadu Buhari junta, on September 5, 218, between the Nigerian Federal Ministry of Finance  and the Export-Import Bank of China.

Nigeria’s total foreign debt on May 29, 2015, when then President Goodluck Jonathan handed over power to incumbent President Muhammadu Buhari, was N12 trillion, of which a total of $7.02 billion  out of the N12 trillion was foreign debt.

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As at June 2020, Nigeria’s total debt was N28.63 trillion, of which $22 billion out of the N28.63 trillion is foreign debt. Rotimi Amaechi is counseled to defend himSelf  and government, without dragging Goodluck Jonathan into their Confusion

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