Friday, 17 July 2020

Some Niger Delta leaders are manifestly irresponsible & wicked, the earthshaking revelations being made is questionable

The bad habit of sharing money in lieu of lasting projects stands forever condemned

 The people of Niger Delta region can’t boast of good roads. The roads in the Niger Delta are more of deathtraps

A concerned topic has been raised about the Deplorable state of the Niger Delta region, it’s no news that there’s a lot of crisis currently going on around the Niger Delta Development Commission, NDDC, and in reacting to this, President Buhari has released an official statement, in which he promised that immediate action would be taken. But still, even though we are complaining about the top or rather Federal, but a twitter user “Savn Daniels” was able to clear the grass from the very root. Making it known that the leaders from the Niger Delta region are the major problem. He also went further to creative more awareness about the lavish life the Northern children are living, taunting Nigerians with the wealth extracted from the Niger Delta region.

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Recall when one of the sons of Kaduna state governor, Bello El-rufai mocked the Niger Deltans in a encrypted message, while he mentioned the IPOBians, but he was also sending a mockery message to the Niger Deltans in a coded way.

Below was written by SenvDaniel;

Dear Niger Deltans,
The earthshaking revelations being made unearthed in NDDC is enough for you to ask questions. Some Niger Delta leaders are manifestly irresponsible and wicked. They have sold the rights of their people, for their personal gains. Demand for answers now.

The crude oil from Niger Delta is what drives the Nigerian Economy. Yet, the Niger Delta is more like a dump site, with very scant progress- whether infrastructure or otherwise. If these earthquake-like revelations from NDDC dies not disturb you, then not hi g will.

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The average Niger Deltan is pitifully poor. If you go to Oporoma in Bayelsa State, it is like a deserted territory- yet it is rich in energy resources. There is no standard functional school, modern hospital.... Our resources is being spent on the laps of women. Some days ago, the son of a certain Governor came online to taunt the entire Niger Delta region. The resources from our region is being used to service the mansions he lives, and the quality of life he is enjoying. Yet, you people seem not to be worried.

The people of Niger Delta region can’t boast of good roads. The roads in the Niger Delta are more of deathtraps. These ongoing revelations at the NDDC should worry any sane Niger Deltan. Whereas, up North ‘good’ road network is not their problem. You should be worried.

I know so many communities in the Niger Delta region that lack access to CLEAN water. They are forced to drink, bath and wash with the coloured (dirty/poisonous) water the river provides. See the kind of water they are forced to drink. This country nor balance at all!

Dear good people of Niger Delta, your destiny is in your hands. Start asking your leaders the right questions. The average Niger Deltan roams the street either a bragger or, is unemployed.
1. No good house
2. No good food
3. No money
4. No nothing
Emancipate yourself now!

To become a Niger Deltan has suddenly become a curse. Apart from the fact that we have oil, THERE IS NOTHING ABOUT IT.

Citizens of other countries where oil is bring found, LIVE WELL AND HAPPY. Ken Saro Wiwa attempted to raise concerns, but they killed him.

Life in the Niger Delta has been reduced to a mere shadow. The resources from the Niger Delta region is being used to service other parts of the Country, and even develop other nations, whilst our people suffer. Abacha stole some much from us and took it to the grave.

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The ongoing revelations at the NDDC worries me. It should worry you too. How can our leaders be this callous and insensitive? Whilst we strongly condemn the dehumanizing situation in the region, WE MUST LEARN TO CALL OUR LEADERS AND ASK THEM SALIENT QUESTIONS.

The bad habit of sharing money in lieu of lasting projects stands forever condemned. It is worthless! Again, the ongoing revelations at the NDDC worries me strongly. Some people have turned the Niger Delta region into a money making machine, that does not benefit itself.

The major problem of the Niger Delta is the quality of leaders from the region. These corruption cases ongoing at the NDDC is being perpetuated by them. Wicked leaders from other region are taking undue advantage of our region, cos our leaders are either behind or supports it.

A stranger/corporation is trying to build a project that will benefit you and your entire generation for years to come, and you’re busy DEMANDING for MATCHING GROUND. YOU ARE MAD!

The children of the politicians from the North, working under president Buhari are billionaires, they don’t hide it. They are not ‘investors’ nor into any known business. They should flaunt their wealth. They flaunt wealth that comes from Niger Delta region.

Almost all the oil wells in the Niger Delta region is being owned by Northern Politicians.


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