Tuesday, 14 July 2020

HushPuppi says that he used Linda Ikeji to LAUNDER MONEY- Kemi Olunloyo

Kemi Okunloyo tells Linda Ikeji to clear her name as she alleged HushPuppi uses Linda to launder money

Popular Journalist, Kemi Olunloyo, has accused one of the most influencer Blogger in Nigeria of Money Laundering. According to Kemi, Hushpuppi who was arrested by the FBI in Dubai is currently making a deal in the US. And Kemi claimed that the money that was used to start up Linda IkejiTV is from money laundering. In a lengthy tweet , Kemi gave inner details about the ongoing fraud case and how Linda Ikeji and Hushpuppi mocked her in the past.

She wrote
Linda Ikeji is a dream killer. Everyday for the thief one day for the owner and she knows it. Hushpuppi is about to really duck her up! She needs to get a lawyer soon. People think I enjoy trolling her. She destroyed lives to get where she is.
WARNING: When I tweet this Linda Ikeji mess, anyone that spans my tweet with followback and adverts gets blocked. Don’t use my audience for your gain. I want to read feedback. I have blocked 75 pple today.

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She continued:
A N30M Etisalat data deal I was about to sign in 2013 FELL! Linda Ikeji tweeted “Kemi Okunloyo threatened bloggers with her guns.” The police was about to raid my family home, called my dad only because it was a former gov’s house. I had no guns and lost the deal!
Ikeji stole a picture of me holding an M16 rifle. The story was about bloggers who steal my pics with no credits. Toronto Police Supported my work and I was a volunteer displaying seized guns at the police dinner. She blogged lies ruining my reputation & deal, Linda took that fun picture and created a fake story that raised eyebrows, almost got our house raided in Ibadan and I lost my potential Etisalat endorsement deal. N30M. They loved my use of social media as a sm personality. I was going to promote their data.

Just like DBanj lost or got suspended for the N45M bank deal in a fake rape controversy, brands don’t wanna be engulfed in such controversies while some women DELIBERATELY kill the dreams of others. Linda dresyroyed so many people to rise to the top and NOW who is Linda Ikeji?..... says FBI? A blogger Hushpuppi told a Journalist to beg for medical money. Pissetzky just called Hushpuppi a humanitarian. HushPuppi was NOT a humanitarian or real estate agent. He is allegedly a financial criminal says FBILosAngeles.

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Now HushPuppi has to list his humanitarian activities. One of them is allegedly FUNDING Linda Ikeji TV. Linda stepped on my toes many times. I was he one asked by my fans to forgive her. Her pride did not allied her to apologize PROPERLY. She mocked me!

To avoid this thread being about Linda vs Kemi, I want to start clearly that I have no entitlement, I beg because others like Linda stole from me. I also begged HushPuppi for N100k on three occasions for my media bills and he and Linda disgraced me🙁

HushPuppi says that he used Linda Ikeji to LAUNDER MONEY. Are these allegations or lies? It begs to ask who bought the Banana Island house & Bentley. Ive always called her blog a smokescreen but they called me jealous. One day for the owner Linda. Clear your name.

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Anything I tell you about Hushpuppi is privileged information. Like Linda and Hushpuppi friend , Daddyfreeze says, this year will be rugged. Freeze interviewed Hushpuppi as a NEWSMAKER, a media colleague to Linda. I left journalism for 18 months after unlawful arrest.

I thank God for not giving me a PENNY of Hushpuppi’s money . God fought for me. It was Emenikes that eventually paid off my medical bills and even replaced our belongings in the violent Ibadan home invasion. The others were Marlians who donated 2k each.

Hushpuppi is discussing his case inside prison cells instead of keeping mute. He may have seen the end of the road. He was not the kingpin. It was Woodberry Leland Ponle who is reportedly a US citizen born in Texas😲 🇺🇸 Money is in a Bitcoin Wallet.

Companies Woodberry duped in BEC scams may never recover their cash due to cryptocurrency pin. He is the only one that has access to that Bitcoin walker. Woodberry celebrated his Rolls Royce the day BEFORE THE ARREST! Bought mom Range Rover same day.

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