Saturday, 4 July 2020

Hush Puppi is an Angel compared to general Buhar- Reno Omokri

Hush puppi is a small boy compare to president Buhari

Former spokesperson to Goodluck Ebele Jonathan/ President Buhari’s greatest tormentor of all time, Reno Omokri, has reacted to the arrest of Ramon Olorunwa Abbas, popularly known as Hushpuppi. Hushpuppi was arrested by the FBI in Dubai for Cybercrimes and money Laundering. While reacting to this, Reno omokris compared President Buhari’s crime to Hushppi’s crimes, at the end, concluded that Hushpuppi is an angel compared to General Buhari.

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We are talking about the subject, Hush Puppi is an angel compared to General Buhari General Buhari and am gonna price it. What is the difference between Buhari and Hushpuppi by the way? Hushpuppi scammed 1.9 million people via the internet, yes, and that’s a terrible thing, he should go to jail, General Buhari on the other hand scammed 200 million people via the promise of false change. Now how much are u paying for fuel today? How much is the exchange rate of the dollar to the Naira? Look am telling Nigerians, Hushpuppi is an angel compared to Buhari, when Jonathan handed over to Buhari, May 29, 2015,  Nigeria’s total debt stock was 11 trillion Naira, today, it is 28.6 trillion , general Buhari has borrowed more in 5 years than previous governments borrowed in 36 years, Look Buhari’s scams are just too numerous to mention, hush puppi is a small boy when you compare them to Buhari. Look, Buhari claimed that subsidy was a scam before he was elected , right ? Now when he was elected, he’s been paying 2 times, that is doubled the amount of subsidy that Jonathan paid . Two days ago, the guardian of the UK.... Continue with the video below;

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