Friday, 10 July 2020

There's no difference between buhari &Boko Haram, he's depriving the youth from having WAEC certificate because he does not have- Reno omokri

Buhari wants Nigerian youths to be ''certificateless'' because he does not have WAEC certificate - Reno Omokri

Former spokesman to Goodluck Ebele Jonathan and President Buhari’s tormentor, Reno Omokri, has reacted to the cancellation of the West Africa Examination Council, WAEC, by president Buhari. In a series of tweets, he said the reason Buhari canceled the WAEC is because his own WAEC certificate is questionable and he wants to make the youth certificatless.

How can General Bihari say WAEC exams won’t hold this year, yet Edo and Ondo elections will hold? Which is riskier? Exam or election? APC held mass rally. Yet, they close schools. No wonder Nigeria is the world headquarter for extreme poverty?

General Buhari wants elections to hold, but does not want WAEC to hold, he can borrow $500 million to upgrade NTA so he can spread propaganda, yet is unwilling to spend that same amount on education do we can spread proper agenda! What a wicket government!

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Because General Buhari does not have a WAEC Certificate, he wants to punish the whole country of depriving Nigeria youths of having their own WAEC certificates. He wants to spread illiteracy, so we can all be almijiri. Never! The cancellation of WAEC is evil!

He continued
Every Friday, millions of Nigerians sagely attend Jumat prayers. Each Sunday, millions more practice social distancing in Churches. If we can go on with religion, why can’t we go on with education? Canceling WAEC makes no sense! We don’t want to be like Buhari!

Nigerian youths don’t want to be like General Buhari. They want certificates, not NEPA bill or affidavit! Religion, election, even corruption is going on. Why should education stop? Nigerians reject Buhari’s plan to turn us to sai Baba almajiri. WAEC must hold!

1.5 million Nigerians write WAEC yearly. If General Bihari stops them from writing it in Nigeria, they’ll abandon social distancing and go to neighboring nations to write WAEC rather than lose a year. We will end up with more Covid-19 than we are trying to stop.

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Serious nations did not suspend their national examination. They made it better. Today, Buhari signed a N10.8 trillion budget containing billions to renovate NASS building. That cash can be better spent making WAEC safe to hold instead of suspending it, the N10.8 trillion budget Buhari signed today had billions for Buhari’s travels. Why budget billions to travel when you are stuck in Nigeria due to COVID-19? Why not use the funds to make exam halls safe enough for WAEC to hold instead of suspension?
1.5 million Nigerians write WASSCE every year. Nigeria does not have the capacity to hold WAEC exams for 3 million people year. What this means is that , if this policy is not reversed, every Nigerian child will miss a year, not just the final year students.

What is the difference between Buhari and boko haram ? Boko Haram hates Western education. Buhari cancels WAEC. Both have same objective. Instead of investing money to make WAEC exam safe, they suspended it so we can be certificatless like Buhari.

Edo has 2,210,534 voters, while Ondo has 1,822,346. A total of 4,032,880. WAEC has 1.5 million Registered students in Nigeria. WAEC exams takes 5 hours. Voting takes all day. So, what is the rationale for suspending WASSCE, yet go on with Edo and Ondo elections?

Ghana opened schools for final year students and confirmed that WAEC examinations will hold. Meanwhile, Nigeria suspended WAEC exams. That is because Ghana’s President, Nana Akufo- Addo  is a graduate of Oxford University, and general Buhari has questionable WAEC status!

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