Saturday, 18 July 2020

A befitting burial takes place when family gather and the dead is put in a 6 feet deep grave- Reno Omokri

Renowned writer/ former spokesperson to Goodluck Jonathan, Reno Omokri, has given us another dose of ‘renosnugget’ Reno omokri is known for his wise advise in various ways of life, and this time around, he’s shaking a very reasonable table, in which he talked about the living and the dead. It’s no news that Africans are known for elaborate burial ceremony, rich or poor. Some people can
Actually get into debt trying to get a supposed ‘befitting’ burial for their dead family members. Which we think it’s really unreasonable. Some of the corpses didn’t even taste the kind of food that was served the day they were buried. Please guys, try to love your parents and give them the best that you can do.

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A typical African may refuse to go into debt to pay their dad’s medical bills or child’s school fees. But they gladly go into debt to give their dad a ‘befitting’ burial. It’s the African curse. We must break it by deliberately creating new customs.

Who cursed Africans with this mentality where when your aged parents are alive. They live in a dilapidated house, but as soon as they die, we renovate the house to impress those who will come for the funeral. Spend the money on the living not dead!

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A befitting burial takes place when family gather and the dead is put in a 6 feet deep grave. You don’t even need a coffin. You can bury your loved ones the way Christ was buried-wrapped in a piece of cloth. Africa should invest in life, not death!

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