Monday, 22 June 2020

The Umbrella gets wider as PDP National Chairman, Uche Secondu& Fayose officially receives Ondo Deputy Governor to the party (Ondo gov'ship 2020)

PDP officially receives Ondo State Deputy Governor, Agboola Ajayi

The People Democratic Party National Chairman has released a statement, in which the party officially received the new members to the party in preparation of the Ondo primary election. he promised a fair primaries and assured that the best PDP delegates will oversee the coming election. and that his visit is not based on endorsement.he further talked about the insecurities, economic challenges, and other issues Nigerians are facing in this present administration

READ full statement below;
Earlier today, I led leaders of our great party, the People’s Democratic Party, to receive the incumbent deputy governor of Ondo State, Hon. Agboola Ajayi, into our party.

Leaders of our great party, PDP that accompanied me to receive Hon. Ajayi include former Ekiti State governor, Peter Ayodele Fayose, Deputy National chairman (South), Elder Yemi Akinyomi and other members of the National Working Committee.

I want to assures you that we are not going to impose any candidate in Ondo state and our coming to the is not an endorsement to any particular aspirant , it is for the generality of the people. Anyone who wants to aspire can do so and lobby the delegates.

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So our people in Ondo State through the National Working Committee should be rest assured that we are going to provide transparent , free and fair level playing field in the primaries.
So that everyone can see in the open and not in the secret and only one person will emerge that day. So it important you team up together and come together.

Those that will come to conduct the primaries and all the processes will be men of high calibres, people that cannot be bribed , people that will not be corrupt. We are not like APC. We have intellectuals, we have strong governors who will come to conduct the processes.

At the end, I will urge you to quickly under the leadership of the chairman to bring everybody together because the mandate is to win the election.

Ondo people have gone through pains, it is time for us to come out of it and we believe if we join hands together, we believe that the entire country will know that PDP has come back .

We like your courage and commitment and be rest assured that as you have joined the party today, you have equal rights with those who have been there before. We don’t discriminate in our party and if it is necessary the process of your waiver, the chairman will bring forward.

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You have the right to contest for any position of your choice and the people have the right Aldo to vote for you, this is a Nigeria party and it does not belong to anybody.
PDP is one family in the State, the deputy governor had joined you and he has said that he’s not coming to alter any of the rules or ask for Favour but join and participate. If he wins glory be yo God. If other people win, we’ll also thank God.

We know that with him and others, joining their faith and joining their hands, together can reclaim Ondo State. This state is now ready to be reclaimed by PDP. People have fresh air.

We in the National Working Committee believe that it is with humility that we’ll approach the next election in Edo and in Ondo because there is nothing to talk about APC. They have failed woefully.

Let me send words of warning that it is time for the leadership of APC and President Buhari to show more interest in the economy of our country and concentrate because he was voted to govern and show more interest and commitment to the security of lives and property rather than playing politics of APC, asking the security to win election for them by all means and asking INEC to rig election. As we can see and as they can see, the government is drifting , it is sliding . If they can’t see it other people are seeing it.

Nigeria is eluding , Buhari needs to arrest it. He needs to stop the killings. People are hungry . If we are not careful, one dollar will be above 500 naira.

What has happened in Ondo Stars is an eye-opener to all and we want the Commissioner of Police to know that he can’t make a choice to a leader , especially to the Deputy Governor of Ondo State.

He freely joined APC, he win the ticket with the Governor. He has determined and taken the decision to lead the people. So, you cannot stop him from displaying his right. I believe that the Commissioner should be warned not to interfere in the politics of Ondo State.

We’ll take the matter up by the grace of God to the national level because if our security agencies and a rank of a Commissioner is now participating in polity then the country is worst of.

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