Saturday, 27 June 2020

No PDP governor wants to abandon A cruising liner& jump into a sinking ship like APC - PDP replies Governor Yayaha Bello over alleged PDP governors decamp

Nobody takes Yahaya Bello’s Petty lies seriously

The People’s Democrat Party has replied Kogi state governor , Yahaya Bello, over his recent claims that ten (10) PDP governors will be joining the APC. Bello also said this will happen in days or weeks. The PDP National Publicity Secretary, Kola Olagbondiyan has released a statement , saying Bello Yahaya should not be taken seriously , because no one takes his petty lies seriously .

The statement read;
The PDP Described the outright lie by Kogi state Governor Yahaya Bello, that some PDP governors are planning to cross over to the crisis-ridden APC, as childish, laughable and pathetic.

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The party says such peddling of falsehood explains why nobody in Nigeria and beyond takes Governor Bello seriously.

The PDP lampooned Governor Bello’s claim as a desperate attempt to divert public attention from the imminent mass exodus from the APC.

Nigerians are aware that among the ranks of APC governors, Governor Bello has no personal relationship with up to three of his colleagues. No APC governor is ready to associate with governor Bello openly. In other words. Not up to three APC governors takes him seriously.

Moreover, Governor Bello has no relationship of any sorts with any governor elected on the platform of the PDP. His current delusion, on national television, about PDP governors, is driven by his usual character of engaging in petty lies.

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It is however imperative to state that nobody abandons a cruising liner, which the PDP represents, to jump into a sinking ship like the APC.

It is public knowledge that the APC is disoriented; having sleepless nights and holding endless meeting because they are losing members in droves to the PDP, as most of their key leaders are already on their way out ahead of the collapse of the APC.

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Unfortunately, Governor Yahaya Bello knows that he has no space in any other political party. No party will accept him after the collapse of the APC. He will therefore not mind telling brazen lies to create the impressions that the APC is still breathing

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