Monday, 8 June 2020

"It’s been 3 years of F**king you & filling your tank”, says Anita Joseph’s husband as they celebrate the length of their relationship

Anita Joseph's husband, Real Mc Fish, took to Instagram to celebrate 3 years friendship with his wife.
he wrote;

I looked at my calendar and it read 8th of June 2020, it only reminded me that I met this wonderful , funny and amazing woman, Anita Joseph 3 years ago .
A lot of people think I met you a year ago and we just met bla blah blah blah...... but it actually been three years ...... 3 years of living you, 3 years of F***KING you , 3 years of adoring you , 3 years of supporting you , 3 years of being YOUR KING , 3 years of FILLING YOUR TANK... Anita Joseph I love you and I cherish you 😍😍💋💋..
We don’t even need to talk to much on how we are chopping life.........😀😀💯💯 Jeun lo iyawo mi 🙌🙌🙌🙌

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