Saturday, 27 June 2020

Governor Yahaya confirms 10 PDP governors joining the APC soon, says its unfortunate Obaseki left + assures no plans of removing Tinubu as the party Leader

Obaseki has left us, but as a party and a party-loyal man, we have to reclaim him

Kogi state governor , Yahaya Bello has confirmed that 10 governors from the People’s Democratic Party will be joining  the All Progressive Congress. According to him, this will happen in few weeks time, after the the upcoming Elections. He further talked about the APC National Leader, Bola Asiwaju Tinubu, in his words , Tinubu is a father and no one is undermining his leadership.

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He said
APC is getting stronger and like I said, it’s going to be proved in the next few days or the next few weeks to come in the election of Edo state, Ondo state, Ekiti state , Odin state and Anambra state. It’s unfortunate that our colleague, my brother and my in-law, Obaseki has left us, but as a party and a party-loyal man, we have to reclaim him. I can tell you that there up to 10 PDP governors ready to join APC and that would happen very soon. He said

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He continued....
Senator Bola Tinubu is a Leader, a father, a founding member of this great party. He contributed immensely to making sure that the party attains the height it has attained today. He has paid his due and continue to pay his due. Nobody, however highly placed it lowly placed you are in the party, will ever undermine that great leader. Nobody is undermining him. He is still a father, he’s one of our national leaders and he continues to contribute.

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In the whole of this misunderstanding so far, nobody has heard him making any comments for or against anybody that has different or opposing opinion. Rather, he continues to maintain and play that fatherly role. Both APC and PDP gravitate towards him.
So, nobody is going to say that he’s being undermined or he’s going to be removed. No. We need him, he needs us and he will continue to be a leader of our great party.

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