Thursday, 4 June 2020

DEAR Oshiomhole, in 2016, you said "A blind pastor cannot lead Edo state", what CHANGED now?( Edo Gov'ship 2020)

 In 2016, Oshiomhole said "A blind pastor  cannot lead Edo state" What changed?

Edo state 2020 governorship election is around the corner, the state is currently tensed, not only because of the Election but because,  the ruling All Progressive Congress (APC) is in Battle .
In politics, it is normal to fight dirty, but when the battle is happening inside the party , there comes the PROBLEM!

If we can take a little step back to 2016 when Oshiomole sold his ANOINTED successor, Godwin Obaseki to the state, in Adams Oshiomhole’s words; Obaseki was the brilliant brain behind the very enormous Work he did during his tenor.
He made it known to his People that Obaseki worked silently with him for 8 years so he was ready to work as a Governor .

Oshiomhole said Obaseki will do better than him!

Well today the romance between the duo has gone SOUR!
Why if we may ask ? According to rumor , it is alleged that the ANOINTED SON has refused to hearken to his ‘god’FATHER’s voice in political matters ( Although the father said no more political godfathers in Edo state).

Now 2020! Who is the FATHER’s new ANOINTED ? The THIEF, the FAKE PASTOR .
Hehehe...... some few steps back to 2016 again.

Oshiomhole in 2016;
Pastor Ize-Iyamu was the director general of your second term campaign in 2012, but you refused to give him any appointment because of his past records (A thief ) , you said you can’t trust him with public funds . You told your people about his desperation to become the Governor of Edo state so he can get immunity from prosecution for his involvement in the Dasuki arms deal scandal. To the extend you called on the EFCC to do their job and allow Pastor Ize-Iyamu face the music for collecting N700million of the Dasuki Arms fund.

In your words;
Now the EFCC asked him to narrate who and who did you share to , he said “Oh we gave various local governments’, they are now singing how they shared government’s money for defense exactly same way as local witches used to sing at midnight when there was no light in village.”
You also said Pastor  must vomit the N1,2 billion he shared with Dan Orbih that he collected from Fidelity Bank , you wanted him to be persecuted like Metuh and others , you told Your Edo people not to vote for thieves , a pathological liar , you said he lies effortlessly.

You said Pastor was part of the government that looted Edo state treasury, so can’t be trusted.
You further said “A blind pastor cannot cannot lead Edo state.”

      You interpreted Pastor Ize-Iyamu’s CV ;
Student , rusticated for 2 years , his father begged for him to write patch patch exam , his father could not beg in Lagos to allow him into the law school , but however , he read Law , but he’s not a barrister. Hahahahahah...... His student credentials; he bath a child with acid .

So now , Comrade do you still want your people to vote for him ? Is it that you did not find any other candidate fit for this seat ? what about Matthew Uduoiyekemwen that has been a PDP member almost all his political life, before joining APC recently without any desperate motive ? If not Matthew , is there no one else in your state or party ? Why not take your deputy Pius Odubu?

Now Governor Obaseki is not good for your people ? But you told them he was the best four years ago , does that means APC have bad judgment or you have bad judgement in choosing candidates ? Can’t you forgive Obaseki ? Will you resign from your Position when Governor Obaseki wins the Primary ? Will you participate in his campaign like you did Before ? Oh , then I guess you'll forgive him and move on , why not make peace now before the fight really gets dirty after the primary. Or are you both ready to lose Edo state to the opposition party ?

What you all need now is unity , (when spider unite, they can tie down a lion) . But however , in this battle, THERE MUST BE A WINNER ,  Nigerians are waiting for the aftermath of Edo State Primary Election 2020.

But trust me,  If your ''betrayal'' Governor Obaseki wins, Your Political junkie Pastor will run to the next governorship offer immediately with no shame, because that Pastor is power drunk , AND YOU ? hmmmm. (Nigerians and the entire 'TheOnlinParrots' team awaits).

If your candidate wins, the Governor Obaseki we think we know can easily move on and concede to defeat ( but am sure of his victory).


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