Saturday, 6 June 2020

Celebrate bar man, Cubana Chief Priest says any lady who waits for a rapist to blow before reporting is a Gold Digger

Rape evidences are easily determine by Physical appearances, don’t let that heal before you speak - Cubana Chief Priest

Cubana Chief Priest, who is also know as Celebrity bar man, has advised ladies to speak up on time to help the police and judiciary with evidence , and acoording to him, speaking after the rapist becomes successful , is an act of Gold Digging .

See his post below;

Waiting for a Rapist to Blow or get Rich before speaking out or reporting to the right Authorities is an act of Gold Digging N dragging , parents we have to teach our children how to speak up immediately it helps authorities in proper investigation to get justice served . Why did it take so much time to report what caused you severe pain ? To be a real victim no be hustle or pay back , I wonder why this recent calling out no dey reach the poor or don’t the poor rape , lets be guided hoe can you wait for someone who raped you when he/she was poor to get rich N famous before calling him/her out or reporting to the right Authorities, the Chances of getting is lie because this person now has money N fame and delay helps destroy evidence , your silence endangered the lives of so many people when you let a roar case slide or waste time , tape is evil it’s best tackled as e dey hot!!!! Say no to rape , speak out with no shame there N then don’t stress the police , judiciary N the masses , above all don’t risk another victim as you wait , the earlier the better tape evidences are easily determined by physical appearance don’t let that heal before you speak

Waiting For A Rapist To Blow Or Get Rich Before Speaking Out Or Reporting To The Right Authorities Is An Act Of Gold Digging N Dragging, Parents We Have To Teach Our Children How To Speak Up Immediately It Helps Authorities In Proper Investigation To Get Justice Served, Why Did It Take You So Much Time To Report What Caused You Severe Pain ? To Be A Rape Victim No Be Hustle Or Pay Back, I Wonder Why This Recent Calling Out No Dey Reach The Poor Or Don’t The Poor Rape, Lets Be Guided How Can You Wait For Someone Who Raped You When He/She Was Poor To Get Rich N Famous Before Calling Him/Her Out Or Reporting To The Right Authorities, The Chances Of Getting Justice Is Low Because This Person Now Has Money N Fame And Delay Helps Destroy Evidence, Your Silence Endangered The Lives Of So Many People When You Let A Rape Case Slide Or Waste Time, Rape Is Evil It’s Best Tackled As E Dey Hot !!!! #SayNoToRape Speak 🔊 Out With No Shame There N Then Don’t Stress The Police, Judiciary N The Masses, Above All Don’t Risk Another Victim As You Wait, The Earlier The Better Rape Evidences Are Easily Determined By Physical Appearance Don’t Let That Heal Before You Speak #CubanaChiefPriest🔑 #CelebrityBarMan🌟
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