Friday, 22 May 2020

’Your master's administration is littered with crime’ Nigerians attack Buhari's P.A on new Media for trying to use his political powers to help the sentence of child abductor, Yunusa Yellow

’Your masters administration is littered with crime’ Nigerians bashes Buhari P.A on new Media for going against the court sentenced of child abductor, Yunusa yellow who was sentenced today

Yunusa Yellow was today , sentenced to 26 years imprisonment for child trafficking and sexual exploitation of Ese Oruru.

Ese who was abducted in 2015 in Bayelsa and was forcefully married in Kano .
After his sentence, a twitter user called on President Buhari’s P.A,s attention by begging him (Bashir Ahmed) to help appeal the case.

Bashir Ahmad replied the twitter user in Hausa by promising to contact those people who thinks are capable of helping with the case (maybe to set Yunusa yellow free or lighten his sentence with his political powers). But Nigerians bashed him and few minutes later he took off his tweet and later apologized that he knew nothing about the case before his previous tweet . well, Nigerians seems not to agree with him.
Below is how it all started;

The tweet from a twitter user and Bashir Ahmad’s reply, but after being bashed , he deleted the tweet and later wrote ; 
And these replies came afterward ; 

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