Thursday, 28 May 2020

'What the white police did to George Floyd is not up to what Buhari is doing to Nigerians', using Buhari as a case study, Reno Omokri react to George Floyd's death

Major issue with Black Race is that all Black people want to be Black when a White man kills or is racist to another Black person- Reno Omokri

Renowned author/ President Buhari’s undisputed tormentor , Reno Omokri has reacted to the  killing of the African Male in Minneapolis. He compared what the white police officer did to George Floyd to what President Buhari is doing to Nigerians.

We blacks have to start living ourselves . Only then will we be valued . To a large extent , we don’t love ourselves . If a Black African goes to Europe or America , too often , it is whites in those countries who are friendlier to him than Blacks.

When I first went to school in England . I was stuck in the underground. Naturally, I was drawn to ask other Blacks . Not one of my fellow Blacks even listened to me. The first White man I asked entered the tube with me and took me to my school!
Look at the knife crimes in London. Who is killing who ? Look at the murders in Chicago. Who is killing who ? Even look at abortion rate per race. Which race is killing their unborn babies ? These are uncomfortable conversations we Blacks must have.

In that America , many East Coast Blacks don’t like West Coast Blacks. Many Blacks on both America coasts don’t like African Blacks. Caribbean Blacks don’t like African Blacks. How then can we expect others to like us if we don’t like ourselves?

When I first lived in America  at age 9, the only people who ever called me ‘African butty scratcher’ or who told me to go back to Africa were Blacks . We lived in Albany , California. Very Whites in the 80s. I never experienced that from Whites!

Many Africans who have never traveled out of Africa are sadly unaware of the culture shock of Black disunity. They are shocked when they first get to London or New York and expect the Blacks they meet there to embrace them , only to be scorned!

We should not behave as if black lives matters only when a white person does the killing . If Black lives matter, it should matter above board . It should matter when Blacks kill Blacks and when Blacks hate Blacks and when Blacks discriminate Blacks.

We Blacks are very reactionary to racism when we should be proactive. But do we love ourselves ? In South Africa , did we love ourselves ? How many Black peoples died at the hands of fellow Blacks inSA? We must reject racism among ourselves first.

In Africa, many well known comedians and so called stars have made tasteless jokes about dark skinned Blacks like Lupita Nyongo. In America Blacks sororities and fraternities reject fellow Blacks if they can’t pass the The Brown Paper Bag Test.

Simone Biles became the most decorated America gymnast ,and as the world was celebrating her, we Blacks were denigrating her (google it ) for refusing to ‘fix’ her Hsir ( chemically straighten it to make it less nappy). We have our own issues .

Nigeria has a President who Favours his own Fulani tribe above other Nigerians. A man who killed 347 Shiite men , women , children and infants . What the White police did to George Floyd is not up to what General Buhari is doing to Nigerians!

If a White Presideng says ‘constituents that , gave me 97% cannot be treated sane with constituencies that gave me 5%’ and then goes on to exclude Blacks, there would be an uproar. But General Buhari did it in Nigeria. And we accept it!

Recently, a number of young person were killed by police in Nigeria . Ditto for Kenya and SA. Where was this George Floyd level rage ? Or is it okay for Black police officers to kill Blacks and not okey fit White poly? Isn’t that hypocritical?

In Nigeria , a Governor’s son , Ek-Rufai , labeled an ethnic group , and called an Igbo mother a bed jumper that would pass around to his friends . Turh! Went the sound . Many of those raging over George Floyd defended him. Do we love ourselves ?

A major issue with Black Race is that all Black people want to be Black when a White man kills or is racist to another Black person. But few of us are Black enough to be Black when a Black when a Black man kills or is racist / tribalistic to another Black.

Right now , there is an episodic massacre ongoing in Southern Kaduna. Black herdsmen killing pastoralists. If I put up the photos , Twitter May ban my account . We should care about George Floyd . We should care about Southern Kaduna.

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