Tuesday, 19 May 2020

Was the Naira taken to Court ? Nigerians reacts over CBN claims of spending $3.17 billion within 4 months defending the Naira

Nobody is noticing that the CBN said they didn’t $3.17 Billion within 4 months defending Naira - Shehu Sani

While reacting to reports in which the Central Bank of Nigeria claimed to have spent $3.17 Billion  within four months defending the Naira , Nigerians on social media including Senator Shehu Sani has decided to deliberate of the issue with funny suggestions .

First, Senator Shahu Sani Wrote ;
Nobody is noting that the CBN said they spent $3.17 Billion within four months defending the Naira .
There after, social media/political activist , Olushola Olufolabi replied Senator Shehu Sani and wrote;

Let them continue , by the time they are finished. Diving this country will become inevitable.

Followed by Twitter savage reply ;
@josiahtouns said : Let the Naira be jailed now, what are they still defending from the wasted valueless naira.... Scammer , Naija is just a “world” of fraud as whole . Its not part of this world

@AkwashikiC said ; was the Naira taken to court ?
Shehu Sani replied ; Its Tribunal my Brother.

@walecoker65 said ; wetin naira do Na ?

@william_Ukpe said; they spent $30 billion since 2027 defending the naira . We saw it, we are tired of shouting.... let us all be mad.

@IamtgeOGee said ; Woe to the nation who chief  central Banker is a spineless politician

@Abjosh4 said ; CBN , well done! Defender of the universe

@Queen_alert said ; it’s understandable because the principalities and powers in form of snakes , monkeys rats working against the naira is too much .

@iamfemorazzy said ; Are they using arms and ammunition to defend the naira ????

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