Wednesday, 6 May 2020

Abacha was a kleptomaniac bloodthirsty Buffon, Stop calling Abacha loot 'Abacha Asset'- Reno Omokri to Buhari

Stop calling Abacha loot ‘Abacha asset’ - Reno Omokri to Buhari

Few minutes after saying President Buhari looks at general Sani Abacha like a Lovestruck teenager , because according to him , Abacha was (still is) President Buhari’s mentor .
President Buhari’s number 1 tormentor , Reno Omkri is here to address the issue of calling abacha’s loot , ‘Abacha’s asset.’

Reno said.  Sani Abacha was a kleptomaniac Bloodthirsty buffoon , and the reason Buhari is covering to him it’s because President Buhari was part of Abacha’d cabal.

According to him ;
Sani Abacha was a kleptomaniac bloodthirsty Buffon! If you don’t like it , then tell Buhari’s Attorney General to stop calling Abacha loot ‘Abacha Asset’ simply because his boss, General @MBuhari , was a member of Abacha’s cabal and believes ‘Abacha’ didn’t steal’

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