Friday, 29 May 2020

S.Kaduna crisis; Gov El-Rufai’s wife attacks critics by saying she swore no oath, So she's free to tweet anything on her Twitter TL

Gov El-Rufai’s wife- though am married to A governor,l’m not a part of governance

Twitter was set ablaze by users over the fact that Governor El-Rufai’s wife , Hadiza was tweeting about something else while the Southern Kaduna crises is ongoing. She was heavily attacked by her follower and the First Lady was obviously ready to follow them up with her straight replies. But however , it seems the whole El-Rufai’s family are twitter friendly , considering his son , Bello , how he’s always setting his critics on fire .

But how ever , the first lady tweets;
Did any of you see “First Lady” in my Bio? Mt TL is for language , humor and other light-hearted issues. I don’t tweet about serious matters like governance and politics. Though l’m married to a governor , l’m not a part of government . I swore no oath .

And also wrote :
What I tweet about is my choice . Do I tell anyone what to write on their TL? It’s easy for many who don’t really care tweet fake compassion. Those of you who care do more than tweet .

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