Wednesday, 6 May 2020

Reno Omokri- Buhari Looks at Abacha (his mentor) like a lovestruck teenager! No wonder Buhari said Abacha didn’t Steal

Abacha is the biggest thief in world history, yet Buhari said ‘Abacha "his mentor" did not steal

President Buhari’s biggest tormentor , Reno Omokri has blasted the president again. It can be recall that , few years ago , President Buhari said said tye late Military head of state , General Sani Abacha didn’t loot the national treasury ,somehow around 2008,  while remembering Abacha , 10 years after his demise , Abacha was given a clean bill by President Buhari and his and former head of state , General Ibrahim Babangida.

Fast forward to 20202, Reno Omakri has said a photo of General Abacha, while President Buhari was seen in the same photo, looking or rather admiring the late  General which Reno said is ‘Buhari’s mentor.’
In Reno’s word;
Look at how his is looking at his mentor , like a lovestruck teenager! Abacah is yet the biggest thief in world history. Yet , General @Mbuhari said ‘Abacha did not steal.’ No wonder! That look is so suspicious. I only hope their ‘love’ didn’t extend to unnatural areas.

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