Friday, 1 May 2020

Reno Omokri accuses Gov. El-Rufai of allegedly h^cking his email/Facebook account in order to retrieve An evidence

Renowned Buhari tormentor , Reno Omokri has accused Kaduna state governor , Nasir El-Rufai of allegedly sending his agents to h^ck his yahoo Mail in order to get the evidence he claimed to have , in which he (El-Rufai) said “southern women are Wh0res.”

In Reno’s word:
Earlier today, h^ckers attempted to break, into my Yahoo! And Facebook accounts. I strongly suspect that this was carried out by agents of Nasir El-Rufai sent me in which Southern women are called “wh0res”. I should inform them that El-Rufai’s email has been passed on to my lawyers, with a forensic trace . If his agents are the attempted h^ckers , my counsel to them is this: stop wasting your time, I counsel El-Rufai to either sue me or let sleeping dogs lie. Your choice reality . H^cking me is a waste of time  

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