Wednesday, 6 May 2020

PDP salivating over Abacha Loot, Sad they missed the opportunity to share the money - APC

PDP salivating over Abacha loot, cant get rid of corruption from its DNA

The All progressive Congress National Secretary has just released a statement. He explained how recovered looted funds were being used by the current government.

Bellow is the statement ;

Going by the @officialPDP statement on the recovered $311 million repatriated funds , it is clear that the opposition party is salivating over Abacha loot, saddened by a missed opportunity to share the money as they use to.

Unfortunately, @ officialPDPnig is unable to rid corruption from its DNA and until the party has the courage to burn its corruption handbook to ashes , it would be difficult for it not to hallucinate over public funds. Of course we understand @officialPDPnig frustrations.

It’s unsuccessful and serial attempts to tar the APC government with the corruption toga in order to blur its own image as a party that personifies corruption in words and deeds has turned the party into a laughable stock.

For the umpteenth time , we remind the PDP that the government that the APC runs is not about sharing public funds amongst the ruling class , but about using tax payers’ money to impact positively  on the lives of the people

For the avoidance of doubt , the Federal Government on Monday confirmed the receipt of some $311milliom , stolen from Nigeria during the military regime of Gen. Sani Abacha and repatriated from the United States and the Bailiwick of Jersey .

The recovering consolidates on @Mbuhari resolve to recover our stolen commonwealth and other proceeds of corruption - locally and internationally. Recall that this administration similarly recovered $322 million from Switzerland in 2018, as part of monies stolen by Abacha which has been transparently and judiciously deployed in the funding of the free school feeding scheme , stipends for millions of disadvantaged citizens, and grain grants for those in severe food hardship as specified in the agreement signed with the Switzerland and World Bank .

Nigerians living on the margins and affected by the economic effect of COVID-19 have also benefitted from government palliatives partly funded by the recovered funds .

On the recovery of $311million , we refer the PDP to the 2020 Asset return agreement which requires the fund to be transferred to a @cenbank Asset recovery designated account and which would then be paid to the National Sovereign Investment Authority (NSIA) designates as the project management and execution authority within the next fourteen days .

The federal government has committed itself that the assets will be invested in expediting the construction of major infrastructure projects across Nigeria , and particularly this administration’s legacy projects, namely :
 Lagos- Ibadan Expressway; Abuja -Kaduna -Kano Expressway; the second Niger Bridge as well as the Mambilla Power Project which , when completed , will provide electricity to some three million homes in Nigeria .

We invite @PDPofficialnig to join the clamor for greater cooperation amongst countries in honoring the international agreements set out in the United Nations Convention Against Corruption and in the implementation of the Global Forum on Asset Recovery (GFAR) principles on the repatriation of stolen assets .

The PDP should understand that the funds being repatriated under Buhari is an indictment on successive PDD administrations which many countries found too corrupt and with a renowned propensity to reloot the stolen monies , hence they held on to much of the funds .

When PDP administration under President Olusegun Obasanjo had recouped $2billion, including the $825million previously retrieved by General Abdulsalami Abubakar.
Switzerland and Bailiwick of Jersey also repatriated $149 million in November 2003 and £22.5 million in June 2011, among other international and local recoveries by successive PDP government which were shrouded in secrecy.

Successive @OfficialPDPnig governments strangely resisted widespread calls to periodically publish detailed information on the loot recovering exercise- the amounts recovered , those from whom they were recovered , sources or countries from where they were recovered .

More importantly, questions about how recouped finds were used were never addressed which led to lack of enthusiasm among host countries towards meeting Nigeria’s request for return of stolen assets , until now .

It is clear that the US , UK and other countries holding out looted funds and assets have now found a trusted government led by President Buhari to return stolen assets and it is our collective pride as a country to regain the trust of the international community.

Signed :
Mallam Lanre Issa-Onilu
National Public Secretary
All Progressive Congress (APC).

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