Tuesday, 5 May 2020

‘OBJ loves human beings, PMB loves cows’ , Comparing The two is like comparing Count Dracula to Mother Theresa

Comparing OBJ and PMB is like comparing Count Dracula to Mother Theresa,

Former Aviation  Minister  , Femi Fani Kayode , has said that it’s impossible to compared former President Olusegun Obasanjo to Preaidentt Muhammadu Buhari ,

Femi Fani Kayode took to his twitter to underline the differences between OBJ and PMB . According to him , our former President loves human beings and Buhari loves cows. Hehehe , that’s kinda weird . But below is what he said .
Comparing PMB to OBJ is like comparing Count Dracula to Mother Theresa . OBJ United Nigeria , PMB divides her . OBJ brought peace , PMB brought war . OBJ brought  prosperity, PMB brought poverty . OBJ brought life , PMB brought death . OBJ brought hope , PMB brought despair . 
OBJ paid off our foreign debt, Buhari indebted us to the tune of $30 billion and turned us into Africa’s biggest debtor and beggar. OBJ solved our problems , PMB created them . OBJ brought restoration, PMB brought degeneration . OBJ brought us pride , Buhari brought us shame .
OBJ brought us good success , PMB brought us stark failure . OBJ loved all Nigerians and treated them equally, Buhari loves only northerners and treats all others like field hand slaves . OBJ saw Nigeria as a nation , PMB sees her as a conquered territory.
OBJ led the best , most successful, most intelligent, most enlightened and most productive cabinet and Gov. In the history of Nigeria whilst  PMB leads the worst , most destructive, most savage , most ignorant and most corrupt cabinet and Govt. in the history of Africa . 
OBJ fought terror and despised terrorists , PMB rewards terror and tampers terrorists . OBJ was a leader , PMB is a ruler . OBJ was a lion , PMB is a mouse . Comparing the two is like comparing night and day or chalk and cheese or heaven and hell: it makes absolutely NO sense!”
Finally let me add this , OBJ loves human beings, PMB loves cows.  

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