Saturday, 9 May 2020

Nigeria must urgently create mass testing if we truly intend to combat Covid19- Hon. Shina Peller

In order to fight Covid19 , Nigeria should urgently develop capacity for mass testing - Hon. Shina Peller

Honorable Member - Federal House of Representatives , Shina Peller shared some of his thoughts in fighting corona virus. according to him, Nigeria is not doing well with the testing capacity, we must provide more testing kits, massive health enlightenment about the effects of practicing and not practicing personal hygiene .

In his words;

Nigeria should as a matter of urgency develop capacity for mass testing . If truly we intend to combat the spread of of Covid19 virus , considering mass testing as the first response in paramount.

We need to improve on our testing rate . Create  access for the citizenry to test for covid19 virus , provide protection kits, and massive health enlightenment about the dangers of not practicing personal hygiene.

Presently , Nigeria has a population of 200 million ,as at May 3rd , the country has tested a total of 17,000 samples and recorded 2,588 infections thus presenting a probable infection rate of about 15%.
Compare the above statistics to countries like U.S, Germany, Russia and Italy that have all conducted more that two million tests . As at May 8th , 2020 Italy had done about 2.4 million tests and recorded 217,185 infection cases with a probable infection rate of 11%.

Even the U.S.A, as of May 8th , 2020 had tested over 8.3 million people (the highest test globally ) with 1,325,776 infection cases and 23.2% infection rate .

Now , in Nigeria , we have done only 27,566 test over 60 days , which is too poor . Because this translates to about 300 tests per day on the average . Despite claims of 1,500 test capacity for the country that was recently upgraded to 2,500.

The truth is that , we need to up our testing capacity . And by the time we do , we would see a surge in the confirmed cases in the country . However , it’ll put us at a vantage point to make informed decisions.

What most advanced countries have done is to rapidly rest their citizens for Covid19 to know the probable infection rate , a critical piece for managing the spread of the virus .

We ought to know that Nigeria is sitting on a keg of gin powder . We are not doing well at all . Until the rate of recovery is higher than the rate of infected person , then can we be less perturbed .

Our target should be testing 100,000 people per day , which is feasible. Hence , if there’s anything we need to get right , it is our testing capacity . We need to TEST, TEST and TEST. We need to act wisely, digitally , and fast .

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