Sunday, 10 May 2020

Kaduna State declares fleeing Corona virus patients wanted

Two declared wanted after testing positive for corona virus in Kaduna state 

Security agencies are tracking tow persons who , after isolating in their homes pending receipt of their test results, fled their homes and have been incommunicado since being informed that they had tested positive and would be moved to the KDSG isolation centre for treatment .

In series of tweet , the Kaduna state governor said this action is reckless and they are endangering themselves and families and the larger community. 

According to the tweets ; 
Similar irresponsible conduct by some Covid19 positive cases has been reported in another state . It is a pattern of behavior that must be stopped because it is dangerous to public safety.
Details of the two persons involved have been communicated to the security agencies for tracking and surveillance. Members of the public who May have relevant information on the whereabouts of these persons are urged to promptly contact the authorities. 
Persons testing positive for Covid19 must submit themselves for treatment at the isolation centre . It is illegal and dangerous for Covid19 cases to switch off their phones and make themselves inaccessible to health authorities after being notified of their test results. 
Covid19 is not a death sentence . Persons who receive treatment promptly have higher chance of defeating the disease . Twelve persons have so far been discharged in the state after receiving treatment and our health professionals are working hard for the recovery of other patients . Positive but asymptotic persons and untreated Covid19 cases have higher chances of infecting others and endangering their wellbeing . Knowingly infecting others and displaying an absence of consideration for the welfare of others is not a responsible response to the virus” he said 

But their names and address wasn’t mentioned, so how do you expect the public to have information about them ???

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