Tuesday, 26 May 2020

Gov El-Rufai’s Son, Bello still mocking the IPOBians and NDDC, says his jet will drop Fertilizer on the oil region as he eats sushi on the plane

Gov El-Rufai’s Son, Bello continues mocking for IPOBians and NigerDeltans, says his jet will drop Fertilizer on the oil region as he eats sushi on the plane

The hashtag Arewa twitter have been trending and it’s no news that the Northern Youths surely knows how to spend their Eid Mubarak by showing off their lavish lifestyle. But what caught our attention was Kaduna state Governor’s son , Bello El-Rufai, he seems to be having fun with twitter . Yesterday he sent a mockery message to the IPOBians by saying  his private jet had to Land close to Oloibiri Oilfield ( it’s an oilfield locates in Ogbia Local Government Area , Bayelsa ).

what he wrote;
 Sincere apologies. We had to land close to Oloibiri Oilfield. We suspect IPOBians tried to bring our plane down. But God protected us as he always does. Despite this setback , we will still deliver the Arewa Rolls Royce. We simply had to switch to a smaller plane. We move!

And Bello not stopping there , he Posted another picture and wrote;
So yes have it. We are taking a plane to deliver the Arewa Rolls Royce at the secure vault of the NDDC. Thank you General Wike . I would like to express my appreciation to the owners of the oil for this private trip. Cheer up everyone , the Arewa Rolls Royce is coming home!

One of his followers wrote ;
Boss man ,Bello Elrufai, pls post your Dallas picture standing behind that Bentley or Roll Royce , I want to see tears of bitter leaf twister shedding on my timeline🤣🤣
And Bello Elrufai replied ;
My dear Sani, I thought to burn jet fuel. The younger ones hurt them enough. Next time the jet will drop fertilizer around their region as I eat sushi on the plane. If I add their ‘oyel’ will the crops over there grown.

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