Friday, 1 May 2020

“Enemy of the state” who leaked president Buhari’s speech has been caught - Femi Adesina

On Monday , April 27th , 2020, it was announced that  President Buhari’s live broadcast  would deliver a live broadcast by 8 p.m . The nation were all waiting for the live broadcast, but surprisingly, 4 hours before the live broadcast, Buhari’s speech was circulating all social media platform, including Whatsappp.

The presidential spokesperson on Media has labeled the person who leaked the presidential speech as an ‘Enemy of the state.’ And he also revealed the person has been caught and currently facing the consequences.

Below was written by Femi Adesina, titled ;

You have possibly watched the 1998 action-thriller film with the above tittle, starring Will Smith. It was the box office hit story about a group of people plotting to kill an America Congressman , and the tape of the plot was discovered .

Well, an enemy of the state struck in Nigeria on Monday, but this time , it was no fiction . It was real life act of sabotage from somebody who does not wish his own country well at all, and who derived a sinister kind of pleasure from undermining the system .

President Muhammadu Buhari was to broadcast to the country by 8 p.m, to give an update on the battle against COVID- 19, and what becomes of the lockdown that had lasted four weeks , particularly in the Federal Capital Territory, Lagos and Ogun States . Kano was also a point of heavy interest, with the strange deaths ravaging the state. Was it COVID 19 or not ?
As the country waited for the president with great expectations, a purported copy of the broadcast began to circulate on social media from about 4 p.m Whodunnit?

I took a look at the circulating document , and within one minute , I knew that it was a rogue copy . What immediately gave it away was the paragraphing. It was completely different from the one I had been part of producing , and which had been recorded for broadcast by the President.
ANother tell-tale to the dubiousness of the document was the date it gave . It said the lockdown in the affected state and FCT would be ease from May 2 , while the authentic copy bore May 4.

There were some other discrepancies. Paragraphs that had been excised from the final Cpt were still intact, and the document was riddled with spelling and grammatical errors , which you would rarely find in a presidential broadcast, which would have passed through a number of select and trusted hands.

I made a few phone calls to those of us involved with the script , right from origination, which was from outside the Presidency , to final editing , which I did , and the conclusion was easy to reach . Somebody has spirited out the original draft , which had gone through many stages of fine-tuning in terms of content and language , and thinking that it was a world exclusive in terms of artifice and underhand action , he fed it into the social media .

Who would do such a thing , except an Enemy of the star , someone who wants to ridicule the government, cause utmost confusion in the polity, and smirk his lips in malevolent pleasure , as the government , and possibly the media handlers of the President were flagellated , and taken to the cleaners .

Yoruba people talk of  ‘ba ase je.’ Somebody who spoils the feast . Everybody is rejoicing and making merry , and he comes to pollute their joy. He could bring extremely bad news that sends everyone scurrying home, or looking for cover . He could even urinate in the big pot of soup in the full glare of the merrymakers. Or he could pour sand in the big pot of rice on the fire . Bae ase je (spoiler of the feast ) can strike in many ways. That was the same thing the Enemy of the star did .

Igbo people speaks of the proverbial lizard that ruined his own mother’s funeral that was the hidden hostile hand did . But he forgot that in these days of technology, almost everything leaves a trail . Before the end of that evening , computer evidences had narrowed down the suspect , and he was already answering for the evil action .

There is the house mouse called ‘oofon’ in Yoruba . And there is a delicious soup made Crome beans called ‘gbegiri.’ Yes, do you remember the popular Amala and gbegiri politics as championed by Lamidi Adedifu in Omo State in those days ? That’s the soup I’m talking about . What happen when the house mouse urinate inside the bowl of gbegiriw soup ? Lassa fever! That’s why we have the Yoruba saying ; oofon to si gbegiri, ki eleko ko eko e dani. Translating this into English makes it lose some originality. But let me try .

The house Mouse has urinated into the pot of gbegiri soup , tell all merrymakers find their ways home . That was what the evil mind attempted to do by leaking the presidential broadcast hours before it came. But he fired blank, having kid hands on a wrong copy.
However , if that’s person had got the final , authentic copy , that is the same way he would have leaked it. To what end , to what purpose ? Sinister. Sneaky . Hateful .

Some people hate their own country , and ironically would be the first to complain that things were not going well. Every act of the government ( any government) they would undermine. If they can stick a knife into the soft underbelly of government in anyway , they do it with relish , and would be the first to grumble that things were not going right . Enemies of the state .

If the person that leaked the unedited draft of the broadcast had access to more sensitive national documents , he would do the same things . If he cottons on information that could sell Nigeria to the enemy , he would gladly do it. Thou art in the midst of foes , watch and pray .

I am surprised that a large number of people , including news paper houses , fall for the gambit. They took their information form the wrong source , and ended up publishing falsehood. That was what the enemy of the state wanted . Cause maximum confusion. And he succeeded to some extent.
There is a way we release information from the media office of the president. And the media knows it. If a presidential speech was to be given ahead , there would be an embargo on it for a particular time .

The circulating copy bore no embargo, yet they fell for it . And got embarrassed by publishing inaccurate information. Serves them right , do you say ? The final copy was released by 8.06 pm , good enough time for a newspaper to still produced and get early to market for the best day .
The social media is being used for every purpose : good and bad . It is the bastion of fake news , hate news , concoction and all sorts of conjunctions.

Will the users and consumers be more discerning? It is said that the Person that stole the key of palm oil form the rafter is not only a thief . The person that collected the keg from him is also a rogue . Those who began to share an obvious leak, rebroadcasting it, are also not guiltless . Be quick to hear , and low to speak .

It was amusing to me to hear armchair critics blaming the media office of the president for the leakage. Ignorance . Why pontificate about what you don’t know ? They were on radio and television stations the nest morning , magisterially shooting breeze . It was Dr Reuben Abati, immediate past media adviser to a president who gave some proper perspective on how a presidential broadcast is originated and produced, and how it was improbable that the leakage came from the Presidency. The lessons ? Seek information, get your facts right , before arriving at a conclusion, lest you look foolish and uninformed.

Some people are not interested in the well being of their country . Sad , very sad . Such would sell their mothers , and their country for thirty pieces of Silver . Thou art in the midst of foes , watch and pray .


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