Thursday, 7 May 2020

PDP replies APC over repatriated $311 million Abacha loot

Respond to Aisha Buhari’s N500 billion APC scam

In response to APC last released statement by the APC National Secretary ;

This statement was released today 7, May ,2020 by the PDP National Secretary.

The PDD had berated the APC for attempting to cover its complicity in the looting of repatriated funds as well as defending the exposed current plot by its leaders and the cabal in the Presidency to plunder the recently repatriated $311 million .

The PDP however noted that it is not surprising that the APC is again serving as the mouthpiece of corruption and sleaze, given that it holds the medal in deceit , propaganda, concealment of fraud and as a sanctuary of corrupt individuals, international scammers, certificate forgers and looters of repatriated funds .

Instead of seeking to divert attention, the APC should face the issue and respond to the First Lady , Aisha Buhari , who alerted the nation that the APC administration’s N500 billion Social Investment Programme is a huge scam and they bulk of money did not get to the designated poor; a fraud for which the APC remains indicted.

Our party further challenges the APC to respond to the report of the US Department of State , which exposed the plot by the APC administration to divert $100 million of the repatriated fund to the Chairman of APC Governor’s Forum , Governor Atiku Bagudu of Kebbi State.
No! The APC would not attempt to make the littlest of response because its hands are heavily spiked with looted funds.

Moreover, it is on record that the APC has not been able to point to any project executed by its administration despite the stream of repatriated money channeled to it .
It is not for nothing that the APC has been riotous since our party busted its fresh plot to loot the repatriated $311 million , and had resorted to vituperations , insults , threats and unfounded accusations against well-meaning Nigerians .It is because our insistence on transparency and accountability in the handling of the funds has ended their re-looting ploys .

Nigeria have continued to witness how the APC and officials in the Buhari presidency have been stuttering and stammering on national television since the plot to steal the money was exposed .
We are already aware of their desperate plans to unleash heavily paid hack writers and spin doctors to assist in diverting public attention and blackmailing patriotic individuals and groups demanding for accountability in handling of the fund .

It is even more distressing that officials of  the APC administrations are already compromising the sovereignty of our nation by attempting to transfer the powers of appropriation of our national resources from our National Assembly to foreign powers , just to conceal the plot to siphon the money. Such unpatriotic action is not only reprehensible but also completely repugnant.

The power to appropriate our national resources is only vested in our National Assembly and cannot be surrendered to any foreign power under any guise . It is on record that such national betrayal never happened under PDP administrations where all funds , including repatriated funds were transparently handled in compliance with our extent financial rules .

Our party therefore demands that the $311 million be immediately directed to the Federation Account for proper appropriation in line with our laws.

The PDP strongly charges the National Assembly to get ready to use its legislative instruments against the APC-led government, should the repatriated fund be dissipated in any manner other than as prescribed by the 1999 Constitution (asamended).

Kola Ologbondiyan
National Publicity Secretary

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