Monday, 4 May 2020

Corona virus : 4,000 Nigerians abroad are willing to return home - Geoffrey Onyeama


Abike Dabiri-Ewewa

The Minister of foreign affairs, Geoffrey Onyeama has said about 4,000 Nigerians abroad are willing to come home due to the corona virus pandemic .

In a series of tweets , it was said that the minister disclosed this at the presidential Task Force on COVID - 19 daily press briefing today Monday in Abuja .
He said large numbers of Nigerians and Indian and China are willing to come home and the government will do everything to bring all willing Nigerians back home .

According to the tweet :
If the federal had its way and there were enough bed spaces at the isolation centres all Nigerians abroad willing to come home would be brought back . 
The minister stated the government was in the process of repatriation of Nigerians abroad who are liking to return and Emirates airline has indicated interest to bring them back to Nigeria .
he added that the airline would operate on May 6, to bring Nigerians abroad back to the country and the returnees would be the first batch to be brought from abroad .
He said, “ we have secured 300 beds in Lagos and 1,000 in Abuja , the governors of Lagos has been outstanding in his support , he has done a great job and his leader quality is exemplary.
Mr Onyeama said the British Airways world he coming to pho’s on Friday and since it would be coming empty , the government had negotiated with the British government that Nigerians in the United Kingdom should be allowed to join the Airways .
Ideally we would have loved if the Airways come to Abuja , but we have to make do with what we have , we have to understand the challenges our people are facing,” he said
he also said that a large number is Nigerians currently in China are willing to come back home , adding that the government is trying to do a deal on how they could be brought back to the country .
He also added that Nigerians in India too would be brought back , adding that the government will do everything possible to bring back Nigerians home .  

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