Wednesday, 29 April 2020

Reno Omokri - On General Buhari’s Empty Broadcast (part 1)

Renowned president Buhari’s tormentor, Reno Omokri has shared his thoughts on Buhari’s most recent live broadcast .

Written by Reno Omokri ;
First and foremost , General Buhari’s speech was not live . It was prerecorded. What is the president afraid of ? Why can’t he have a live briefing and take questions from journalists? He jut reads what is handed to him . This is meant to be a dialogue, not a monologue.
UK Prime minister, Boris Johnson returned from hospital and did a press conference and took questions and gave answers. Why can’t General Buhari , who has been siting on his hand at Aso rock do what ? What is the different between him and the robot ? 
General Buhari said Wednesday have decided to deploy additional Federal Government human, material and technical resources to Kano.’ This is cruel lie! Just yesterday , Governor Ganduje of Kano said ‘ the FG has ABANDONED Kano.’ Please google it!
How is it that 120 hours after a series of unexplained deaths in Kano , General Buhari still says government is still investigating? Senegal invented $1 test that gives accurate corona virus result in 10 minutes. Yet , Buhari’s FG is still clueless after 5 days ?
General Buhari said “we will ensure the mandatory use of masks”. How can you make face mask compulsory without providing free masks? Where do you expect Nigeria’s 87 million extremely poor people, who have been on lockdown to get them?
General Buhari said " i implore nigerians to continue to adhere strictly to the advisories published by NCDC."  Did hid government adhere to those same directives during Abba Kyari's burial? We are tired of a do as i say, not as i do administration .
General Buhari should consider a career in stand up comedy , because no one can take some of the laughable things he says in his broadcast seriously. He says the distribution of palliatives is "transparent"? when some sections of the nation get goodies , while others (the 5 percenters ) get weevil infested rice!
Again, it is cruel jest for General Buhari to say "our border closure yielded positive results." it is precisely because Buhari failed to close our borders early, as advised by HE Atiku Abubakar, (because his daughter and Abba kyari were abroad) that made the corona virus situation in Nigeria WORSE

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