Thursday, 23 April 2020

"Our offers does not involve selfish interest", -China support Nigeria's fight against corona virus with N48m

 While speaking in a presentation in Abuja, the Chinese Ambassador, Zho Pingjian said the donation is an acknowledgment of the long-standing relationship with the Nigeria Government .

      "China will never leave it's friends in difficulty, the help offers does not involve any selfish interest.

     "In spit of the lockdown, China formally supports Nigeria's fight against the outbreak and stands ready to assist if needed to the best of it's ability.
       "We have full confidence in Nigeri's determination, capacity, amd capability to defeat the virus.
    "We believe Nigeria will continu to treat the Chinese Nationals here as your own", he added.

Dr Sani Aliyu, who is the National Coordinator of the PTF, responded by saying:

"We are  aware of the huge work you are doing in providing isolation facilities , particularly in buja and other parts of the country .
"You have also contributed immensely to current commodities not only ventilators but also protective equipment that have been distributed across our health institutions.
"You have provided us with technical assistance in terms of manpower .
"Nigeria is very grateful, the PTF is very grateful and on behalf of the chairman of the PTF, the secretary to the Government of the Federation, Mr.Boss Mustapha , I would like to extend our sincere gratitude to you
"We will continue to work together to make sure this pandemic is brought to a halt as soon as possible"

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