Saturday, 18 April 2020

Kemi Olunloyo's tweets suggests Abba Kyari was allegedly dead two weeks ago

President Buhari’s chief of staff , Abba Kyari who died in the early hours of today Seems to have been dead two weeks ago by Kemi olunloyo.

On April 2nd , the controversial journalist tweeted that a top ranking member of the President Buhari led administration is dead . 

Kemi Olunloyo sounded crazy to Nigerians at the time of her tweets, but now Nigerians are having a rethink and wondering if she had information on Abba Kyari’s death before the public . 
Or maybe she was referring to someone else .  
According to her post; 
Breaking , A high ranking member of president Buhari's Cabinet has DIED of corona virus complications . I will give the feds the honor of announcing it. U cannot hide it like Yar'Adua . I'm not telling because i value NATIONAL SECURITY OF NIGERIA . Some  unscrupulous elements may be planning their celebration parties. We must hold ourselves together now Nigeria. They will announce soon just like i tweeted CORONA VIRUS before them and the PDP rally, and AMVCA and Chioma not getting EXPOSED and this and that! Start believing MY WORK.
See her tweet below 

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