Thursday, 23 April 2020

'I won't donate, I didn't bring corona virus to Togo', I am Sheyi Emmanuel Adebayor , not Samuel Eto'o or Didier Drogba

Footballer , Emmanuel Adebayor has made it clear that he won't donate, despite the facts that his colleagues are donating to help with the fight of corona virus with relief funds. The footballer has stated that i didn't bring the virus to Lome, so one should expect anything from him. 

See what he said :

     "'For those of you who say i don't donate, let me be very clear, I don't donate. it is simplw''.
     'I do what i want and eat what i want. Later , there will be people who will criticise me for the fact       that i did not make a donation in Lome (capital of Togo).'
    'Some think that i was the who introduced the virus in Lome. It is very unfortunate , but this             country is like that.'
  "I'm sorry that people compare me to Samuel Eto'o and didier Drogba by asking me why i don't       have a foundation or why i don't donate, as if i was the one who broght the corona virus to Togo.
   "i am neither the one nor the other, I am , Sheyi Emmanuel Adebayor and i will always do what i     want. A word of advice for the guys regarding donations, I will not do that . Everything is clear and   very simple. Thank you and Good day

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