Tuesday, 28 April 2020

Femi Adesina finally reveals who leaked President Buhari’s Monday’s speech, says the person has been traced

We reported earlier today that president Buhari’s Monday’s speech seems to have leaked before it was live stream to the world , but now it has been confirmed that it was actually leaked . Special Adviser to president on Media and Publicity , Femi Adesina has confirms it this morning that the person involved have been traced and further said the speech the President read was more detailed than the leaked one .

According to Femi Adesina:
“There is just one authentic copy of broadcast which is the one released from the media office. But then , I recognize that a couple of hours before the broadcast itself , a copy of the purported speech had Ben circulating particularly on WhatsApp . If you compare the two , yes there are some similarities but the. There are also wide differences . 
“You have just mention the effective day particularly of the gradual easing of the lockdown . What happens was that somebody go hold of the initial draft  of the broadcast and played hanky panky with it by releasing it through the social media . If you lie the processes that a broadcast goes through before it gets recorded - the script will originate from the relevant government agency , department, parastatal of ministry , whoever heads that agency , ministry or parastatal sign up on it and then sent it to the presidential office . 
“When it gets to the presidential office , it gets through a number of Honda again , because the President’s thought must be infused and injected into that draft . There are some things that may be in it that the president may completely not agree with. “Finally , it comes to the media office, and sign on it which I also did yesterday before the  broadcast was recorded - I signed on the final copy before the broadcast was recorded .
”So some hours before the recording was played back , I saw something circulating on social media , I knew that was not the copy that I signed off on . Then we began to investigate. It has been found out that the original script from inception was what somebody laid hands on and released to the social media .

But Femi Adesuwa didn’t mention if the person was caught or not .

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