Wednesday, 29 April 2020

El-Rufai- Despite the security around me, I almost died,but I can't exactly say how i got corona virus

Kaduna state governor , Nasir El-Rufai tested positive to the deadly disease and later recovered and tested negative. El-Rufai said despite all the security around him , the virus still manage to find its way into his life , But he thanked his deputy governor and others for helping him fight the virus .

According to the governor ;

“I could have died if not for my doctors . I followed their instructions strictly and took my medications . My wives collaborated with Dr Hadiza, the deputy Governor and seized my phones while in isolation . I was only left with an IPad , the device I used to read and go online . 
“I can’t exactly say how I contracted the coronavirus . But I was in Abuja and had interacted with many people , some from overseas . I was assigned to chair committees by the government. I believe it was from theses interactions that I got the virus .
“it’s a good coincidence that we have Dr Hazida as our deputy governor and Dr Baloni who was with UNICEF for over 20years and knows much about public health . We are glad and lucky to have them , especially during this pandemic .
“ Despite the security around me, I got the virus. This goes to show that the virus does not recognize any personally  

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