Saturday, 25 April 2020

(VIDEO) Chanel Chin - Olowo of Iwo slept with our 13-year old househelp, and he used to beat me

Former queen Chanel Chin has again accused the Olowo of Iwo of sleeping with their 13 year old house maid , whose mother she said sells tatashe ( bell pepper ) in front of the palace .

In an exclusive interview with Asabe Africa , the queen alleged that she confronted the olowo and he admitted to sleeping with the 13 year old maid and further told her it’s he’s right to do so according to Iwo’s culture .

She further said alleged that the monarch assaulted her and also kept her in isolation for four years , she said the monarch chased her and her son out of the palace because he went to marry a Northern princess . She also reveled that the King used to beat her . And she further addressed the issue of her infidelity.
Watch video below

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