Friday, 24 April 2020

Abba Kyari appeared to me in he dream to say "Goodbye"- Femi Adesina

According to Femi Adesina, the late CoS appeared to him in a dream, and when he told his friend about the dream, his friend interpreted the dream to him, saying Abba came to say ''Goodbye' to him (Femi) .

See what he wrote below; 
I'm not much of he dreamer. At least, not dreamswith significant. Dreams come from a multitude of business, as the Good Book says, so if a man drinks a bowl of garri before going to bed, and he dreams of swimming in a pond of river, he actually started swimming right from inside that bowl of garri.
          "On Thursday night inward Friday, I dreamt . The president and myself were in a corridor in                the Presidential Villa, and he was talking with me. Suddenly , by my right, I saw a figure                      waiting for me to finish with the President .
"It was Mallam Abba , clad in his usual white native attire, with the trademark red cap.But this time, there was no flowing Agbada, which i found rather odd.
 "He never ( or rarely) appeared without the flowing robe.He was heavily bearded , another surprise, and the beard was all white. I rounded off discussion with the President ,and yielded space fo the Chief.
 "I made nothing of the dream, bt after he died, i shared my experience with my friend, Mallam Garba Deen Mohammed. 
"He came on to say goodbye to yiu, and you didn't know it,' my friend said. I didn't know till then that Barba Deen had the uncommon gift of interpretation of dreams. Well , i now know where to go the next time i dream.
" On Friday, April 17, i uncharacteristically went to bed after listening to the 8 p.m news.And off i went, for "He giveth his beloved sleeo.," No dream, no kakiri kakiri (wondering ) in my sleep. Till my phone fetched me from far distance , out of that deep sleep. It was12.05 am.
"At the other end of the line was a senior aide of the President. He told me he was there with two other very prominent personalities , whom he named. Then he dropped the bomb 
"Mallam Abba is dead, and we need you to issue a state informing the public."
"I sprand from my bed, with my head almost touching the ceiling . Sleep flied completely from my eyes.  
Abba Kyari dead? 
Where ?
But he promised us he would soon  be back at his desk. This was sad . sad, sad......"

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